Are We In Your City?

We’ve had a great summer signing up new facilities and preparing for the launch of PetBookings V2.0! We have a lot to look forward to in the near future. It feels as if we’ve just begun, but we’re already in many cities across the US. Our Hoosier presence is going strong; with multiple boarding facilities in central Indiana. We’re also in the south, on the east coast, and the west coast. As each pet care facility joins us, they immediately start seeing positive change. It’s exciting, among the many benefits, the first two that stand out are that time is being saved and businesses are growing!

Here are a few of the pet boarding and grooming facilities experiencing the Power of PetBookings:

Arbor Lane Kennels, Indianapolis, IN
B&S Boarding and Grooming, Avon, IN
Bark Park, Lake Charles, LA
Bed and Biscuit, Jolietville, IN
Beverly’s Precious Pet Inn, Fishers, IN
California Cat Center, Van Nuys, CA
Funny Farm Pet Care, Martinsville and Franklin, IN
Hickory Acres, Sheridan, IN
Pet Villa, Grand Rapids, MI
Pup Town, Fishers, IN
Resort for Pets, Fort Worth, TX
Shady Mountain Pet Retreat, Amherst, VA
Tails and Trails Resort, Greenwood, IN
The Paw Pet Resort, Mankato, MN
Urban Tails Pet Resort, Houston, TX
Village Groomer, Clarksville, TN
Zionsville Country Kennels, Whitestown, IN

Have we reached your city? If not, reach out to us—it is likely we plan on being there soon! We’re hoping the summer rush was good for your business. You know what they say about Fall, it’s a time of change…let us help you with that change!

Region 9 Renegades – Mankato, MN

Thanks to The Paw in Mankato, MN for hosting the Region 9 Kennel Meeting! About 15 pet care facilities in total attended and it was great to see the networking that ensued. A huge round table discussion allowed everyone to come together and have dialogue on the many topics that face pet care facilities on a daily basis.  Additionally, we would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to attend such a gathering.  Coming together, as this group has done, not only enables them to talk about old problems, but also gives insight on new solutions, such as an instant and confirmed reservation system like PetBookings!  As the pet care industry continues to evolve, it is vital that everyone recognizes and shares opportunities with each other.  We were fortunate to share the PetBookings opportunity with this fine group of business owners.  Owning and operating a pet boarding facility is hands-on and time consuming.  PetBookings can’t create more time in the day, but we can free up time to do more with your day.  And that’s what our hopes are; To help the pet boarding facility operate more smoothly, provide a better customer experience, and to return higher value to the Kennel.  Wag more bark less, right?!

The Pet Care Business Seminar, Houston, TX

Wow, what a great event in Houston, TX this weekend at The Pet Care Business Seminar!  We met with pet care business owners from all over the U.S. and Canada.  The association that once banded us all together appears to be heading in the right direction.  It was a great turnout, and after speaking with so many pet care facility owners, the informal meeting of like-minded individuals is greatly missed in our industry.  This grassroots initiative to reunite our industry may have another great resource for Pet Care Business Owners.  The group is headed up by Carmen Rustenbeck, CEO of International Boarding and Pet Services Association.  The IBPSA membership base is growing everyday and seems to be the leading resource for Pet Boarding Industry information.  With more than 10,000 pet boarding facilities located in the U.S. alone, the pet boarding industry could benefit immensely from an organized member association.  An association provides a networking group that understands what others are going through.   Associations are also an Investment in the Future! They should provide value to their members.  This is why we join trade associations, right?!  The industry information mutually shared at events not only helps current members evolve and grow their business, but also helps new individuals emerge and succeed.  The meetings provide great opportunity to share best practices and find out about new and emerging opportunities.  If you are would like to organize an event that gathers Pet Boarding Facilities in your Region together, simply contact Carmen,  Its up to us to bring everyone back together and it starts with groups like The Region 9 Renegades in Mankato, MN.  They are currently holding an event right now!

Announcing Nationwide Launch is announcing the first online instant and confirmed reservations solution this weekend at The Pet Care Seminar in Houston, TX. We are super excited to deliver this to pet care facilities and your customers. Customers are already voicing their appreciation for the convenience of booking online and receiving instant and confirmed reservations. If you’re a pet care facility and want to experience the power of PetBookings, please click here.  If you’re a pet owner and your favorite facility is not yet added, please click here.

Available Soon…

Thanks to all that have reached out about service. We will be able to add your listing soon! For all of you that have contacted us through the form on the website, we will notify you soon in order to add your pet boarding facility.

New Pet Boarding Facilities Welcome! is adding new facilities on a per market basis, however, all pet boarding facilities are welcome to join no matter where you are located. You may have not received a formal invitation just yet, but please feel free to reach out to us!  You could be the first in your area to offer online reservations with instant confirmation!  We are happy to help setup your profile, so you can start taking online reservations today!  Simply go to

Fall Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

Don’t procrastinate with your upcoming reservations. Unfortunately, there are not any pet boarding facilities in the area with unlimited availability, and nothing is more disappointing than not getting your pooch into their regular pet care facility. Availability is filling up fast and these holidays will be here before you know it! Book now to reserve a spot, so you won’t have to scramble at the last minute.

October is typically a high travel month, so if you are planning a nice fall getaway, make sure you plan accordingly. Book your pet’s reservation and check it off your list today.

New Changes! will soon be introducing even more features to serve you better.  New development is underway and expected to be completed mid-July.  Check back soon to see how is changing the way boarding reservations are made!

Pet Product News

Online News

New Website Allows Pet Owners To Book Kennels 24-7, a website that allows pet owners to book pet boarding reservations in real-time with instant confirmation, launched nationwide in mid-March.

Similar to, visitors to the site can search for openings at pet boarding facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week by entering their city, desired check in and out dates and number of rooms needed. In addition to reservations, users can book additional services offered by their particular boarding facility.

Chris Tilson, president and CEO of, said he launched the website first and foremost as a convenience for pet owners. These days, many travelers book their flights and hotels online. But, if they have a pet, travelers still have to call a kennel to make a reservation, said Tilson, who is also vice president of Arbor Lane Kennel in Indianapolis. allows customers to book all their travel arrangements online at their convenience. beta launched in the spring of 2010 with 11 Indianapolis- area kennels. Now, Tilson is inviting boarding facilities across the United States to join. offers a number of benefits to participating kennels, Tilson said. Taking reservations 24-7 means less of a chance that a kennel will miss out on a new customer, who might need to book a reservation when the brickand- mortar facility is closed.

Also, the website provides kennels with the opportunity to upsell additional services, such as nature walks, grooming or play activities. About 75 percent of the website’s users end up booking services in addition to boarding, Tilson said.

“When it’s put in front of the customers in that menu format, they are selecting the additional options,” Tilson said.

Convenient, Easy, Smart…Online reservations designed for YOU! is Networking: Joining the online network of pet reservations connects our industry in ways we have never experienced and will benefit us in ways we have never considered! not only works directly for your kennel through a custom portal on your website, but it also creates a common online marketplace for pet owners to find you. is committed to creating a system; A unified website including every pet boarding facility in the U.S. working together to cultivate and grow the pet boarding industry by increasing consumer utilization through new online avenues of accessibility and convenience.  It’s, but for pets! is Online Reservations: Finally, our pet boarding industry can now benefit from an online meta-booking-engine just as the hotel industry has done for so many years. has captured every detail and policy the pet boarding industry needs in order to offer and accept online reservations with absolute confidence.  Dog kennels, Pet Resorts, Veterinarians, Doggy Daycare, and more can benefit!

Today, 7 out of 10 reservation plans are booked online.  It’s obvious our customers love the convenience and now we can deliver! is Customer Service: Online reservations provide an obvious convenience to our customers, but what may not be so obvious is the outstanding convenience they offer to pet boarding facilities.  We can now offer our inventory online to be purchased anytime of the day or night.  Less time spent in the office, fewer voicemails to return, and more time doing what we want! is Smart: Settings, preferences, rates, availability, policies, minimum stays, seasonal rates, discounts, descriptions, and more!  You have total control of your property account and works for you every bit of the way, 24 hours a day!  Set your policies, preferences, and filters then forget about it. only allows online reservations that meet your preset settings.  Whether you want more business or simply want to offer as great service to yourself and your customers, is the answer.