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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Christmas time is the perfect excuse to buy your dog even more fun toys and accessories. We love our dogs and enjoy spending time with them and watching them play. Maybe you’re trying to come up with some more unique gift ideas for your dog than the typical ball, bone, and squeaky toy. These are all perfect for the stocking, but what about something a little special? And what about something you benefit from too? Here are a few ideas.

Hands free leash: Do you like to run with your dog or want to give it a shot? Nobody wants to have to hold a leash on top of everything else you may need to take with you on a run, so why not make it hands free? This is no e-collar, and they’re not running loose. They’re still completely attached to you so you can keep your dog under control and safe by your side, but you won’t have to hold onto the tether attached to your dog. For instance, the Tuff Mutt leash attaches at your waist with a belt, and the lead comes off of that. There’s some stretch to the leash so you both have room to move without it pulling on either of you. And, if you decide you want to hold the leash instead, it detaches from your waist and you can walk them around like normal.

Tennis ball launcher: If your dog is particularly active, and loves to chase a ball, a tennis ball launcher may be right up your alley. Try looking into the BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher. Load it up and launch tennis balls easier and farther than you may be able to throw – a good 50 feet! It takes a standard size tennis ball, too, so coming by replacements will be easy. That makes this the perfect gift for the excited, high-energy, tennis ball chasing dog that you know and love.

Dog daycare service: This may not fit under the tree, but it could be the best thing you ever did. If you’re a busy person and can’t always get back to your dog in a timely manner, consider a dog walking or sitting service. There are a few options for this. There are places for doggy daycare, where you can drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. They get bathroom breaks and the ability to play with other dogs. If your dog doesn’t get along with fellow canines all that well, or you’re not able to find a nearby day care to drop them off, there are services you can hire to come by your home and take care of your dog for you. It can be as simple as stopping by and letting your dog outside to use the restroom, or taking them on a long walk and play with them. Some charge per service and some charge per half hour. It all depends on what you need.

Thinking outside the box for dog gifts can be a lot of fun. Hiring a dog service to help you out can be a huge stress-reliever for you and the dog. You won’t feel bad anymore if you can’t get back to the house in time, and your dog can relax and wait for after taking a bathroom break. Of course toys for your dog are always good. Anything that lets you play with them more is going to make them happy. And, a hands free leash will allow them to go with you more too! It’s all a win for the dog, whatever you choose to do.