How to Choose the Right Kennel for Your Dog

Staying away from your furry best friend is very hard, but there are times when you have to swallow that bitter pill. No matter how much you want to, you can’t always take your dog with you. And when duty calls, you need a trusted kennel or professional pet boarding facility to take care of your dog.

And for you to not be stressed throughout your trip, you need to select the perfect dog boarding kennel that will take care of your dog just like you do.   

The stress is not just limited to you. Staying in an unknown place can make your best friend anxious too, but if you choose the right kennel, your dog will have the time of its life!

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right boarding option for your dog:


Medical Care

Anything is possible regarding your pet’s health – whether they are at home or at a boarding facility.

It is important that you inquire how the kennel handles their medical emergencies. Do they have a veterinarian at the facility?  Or will they transport the dogs to the clinic? If so, how far away is the clinic? The answers to these questions are important when choosing the right kennel for your dog.

Also, if your dog has a medical condition, you should inform the kennel to make sure that they deliver the medications on time and provide him/her with extra care.

Ask if there are additional charges to administer medication.



Your dog needs its daily dose of exercise and play time. And he/she also needs to interact with other dogs and people. A good kennel knows how to engage dogs in different activities so they won’t feel lonely or homesick.

A good kennel pays individual attention to every pet and takes care of their needs.  It’s the people that make a truly good boarding experience.  How long have they been in this profession?  What kind of staff do they employ? Are they friendly and outgoing?  You should obviously feel comfortable and confident in the people who will be caring for your pet.



You should always inquire about the facility before choosing it. Ask about their vaccination requirements, and make sure your dog is up to date.

Also, check the environment and hygiene of the kennel. Make sure that the grounds and facilities are clean and safe.  Let your nose be your guide.

Don’t forget to check their ventilation. Make sure they have adequate heating and cooling systems.

Take a tour of the facility before making any final decision.


Read Their Reviews

We live in the age of technology, and everything is available online. One of the best ways to see if you are choosing the right kennel for your dog is by reading online reviews and checking their ratings.

You can also get in touch with other pet owners who used their services and ask their opinions.

Your dog deserves the best kennel, and lucky for you we can help find the perfect one. can help you compare amenities, room options, pricing, requirements, policies and services.

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