Is Your Dog Happy at a Professional Dog Boarding Facility?

Are you worried about leaving your dog alone at a professional pet boarding facility? Are you concerned about its safety and happiness?

A lot of people feel that way when they leave their pets for the first time at a pet boarding facility. It is natural to feel worried about your furry best friend.

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and yes they feel emotions as well. It is your duty to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy when you are not able to be there to take care of them.

Here are a few things that can help make your dog’s stay at a professional pet boarding facility safe and happy:


1. Medications, Dietary Restrictions, and Medical Emergencies

For your dog to remain healthy, you should always reveal its medical history. Always let the pet boarding facility know what medications your dog is on so that they can administer them in a timely manner.

You should also let the facility know if there are any food allergies they should know about. It is also a good idea to explain any additional medically related items that can cause professional pet care providers undue stress if not properly apprised.  For example, does your dog have any raw spots where they have been licking?  Does your dog have a cherry eye?  Does your dog easily get “happy tail”?  Does your dog usually limp on its right hind leg?  Does your dog have a left cloudy eye?  All of these things may be items you’ve become accustomed to and are not worrisome, but for the new caretakers of your pet, they need to know these types of things.

A professional dog boarding facility takes the safety of its residents very seriously. If there is a medical emergency, they always have resources on hand to contact a veterinarian.

What to do to ensure a safe and happy stay?

2. Toys and Bedding

It may be hard for your dog to adjust to the facility right away, especially if it is not used to staying anywhere but home.

But there is a way you can make it comfortable and not miss home too much. You need to surround your dog with something familiar – something that can provide him with comfort.

You can take his favorite toys and bedding to the facility. That way, your furry friend will not feel homesick and adjust to the facility more easily. Often times, a t-shirt or some item of clothing with your scent on it is also a good idea to pack along.

Don’t pack your grandma’s antique quilt or other items that are valuable to you.


3. Games and Walks

Your dog will not always be confined to the facility; he will have opportunites where he can play games go on walks or play with other dogs.

Typically, there are activities either included or available at an additional cost for your dog to participate in.  Dog boarding kennels are trained to evaluate your dog’s ability to join in group play.  If you have concerns with your dog playing with other dogs, you should definitely let them know.

Often times, there will be options for private play, one-on-one walks or other activities that don’t include other dogs.

Your dog will quickly figure out they are not at the vet, will settle in and have a good time.


4. Safety

You don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety when you leave it at a professional dog boarding facility. The staff there is trained to care for your dog 24/7 to make sure he does not leave the facility or get in a fight with other pets. There enclosures are designed specifically to safely house your dog.  Double security fences are usually standard equipment as well.  Unlike a pet sitter, who has no extra security fence if your dog runs out the front door during a visit, professional pet care facilities are well equipped and prepared for the unexpected.

Of course there is always the possibility of an altercation between dogs to occur, but it typically is a rare occurrence.  And if you permit your dog to interact with other dogs, you certainly know there is some risk involved.  If you are uneasy about your dog interacting with other dogs, you can always opt for private dog boarding where your dog is not put in group play situations.


Are you looking for a professional dog boarding facility near you, which is not only reliable but has a great environment? Let help find you the best one. wants your best friend to remain safe, healthy, and happy while you are away.

Rest easy knowing he is well cared for and will be waiting for you when you come back. Have a safe trip!

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