Leaving Your Dog at a Professional Dog Boarding Facility

Leaving your dog for a few days when you have to go away for a trip is the worst. But sometimes, it has to be done. You must be worried if your dog will miss you or feel sad when you are away from him.

Don’t worry; there are a few things that you can do to ease your dog’s separation anxiety.


Will My Dog Miss Me?

Dogs are loyal and loving. And just as you will miss your dog while you are away, he will miss you as well. It can be hard to let your furry friend go for a few days if he is not used to it.

You must have noticed how your dog’s face lights up and he wags his tail when you come back home from work. That is because your dog loves you and recognizes you.

There is a way in which you can make sure that your dog has a happy stay while you are away.


Things to do Before You Leave

We are sure that you must be wondering what you can do to make sure your dog stays happy when you are away. Your first thought would be to hire a pet sitter. But we have a better option for you – a professional dog boarding facility.  Whether you have a pet sitter or professional dog boarding care for your pet, that’s an entirely different post.  Here we will focus on taking him to a professional pet boarding facility.

Your dog will have plenty of friends and people who will take great care of him, and with love and affection, he won’t feel lonely!

There are a few things that you can try before you leave so that you can see that adorable face light up with happiness:


  • Take a Long Walk

You can take a long walk with your dog in the park where you can play fetch. Dogs have a way to understand your emotions. So if you are worried, your dog will be worried too. Make sure you stay happy and relaxed so that your dog will be happy too.


  • Leave Something Personal

Your dog knows your scent. It can help him calm down when you are away. Leave something like your t-shirt for him to make sure that your scent is near him.  If he has a toy, bone or bed he likes, certainly pack it along.  Most pet boarding facilities will allow personal belongings from home.


  • Treats and Food

Does your dog love a certain kind of treat or food? Great, pack it in with the things you will be dropping at the dog boarding facility. Your dog will be happy to have familiar treats from home.  Also, keeping your dog on the same diet of food they are accustomed to will provide an additional comfort from home.


Will my Dog Have Fun?

If your dog is not used to staying somewhere other than your house, he may feel anxious at first. It is natural for your dog to be worried about a new environment.  Don’t worry, however, they will settle in and enjoy their stay.

Once he gets used to it, he will be happy and content in no time. Your dog will realize that he is not alone and there are plenty of people at the dog boarding facility that cares for it dearly. Also, he can make new friends with whom he can play and go on walks with.

Your dog will have a happy and safe stay at a dog boarding facility and will greet you with a happy smile on his face upon your return.

Do you have to travel for a few days and looking for a professional dog boarding facility near your house? PetBookings.com will help you find the best place for your furry family member!

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