Professional Pet Boarding is Fun and Safe!

You finally have some vacation days and are planning to use them to travel. But the only problem is you can’t take your dog with you.

But you also can’t spend your vacation days at home doing nothing. So, you are left with two choices now – either hire a pet sitter or leave your dog with friends and family.

Well, we are here with a third and better option for you – dog boarding facility.

A dog boarding facility is a perfect place for you to leave your dog when you are traveling. Not only will the facility take care of your little friend, but will also make sure he has an amazing time.

Have you heard the phrase, “Life is not all fun and games”? Well, it is for dogs!

But we know you must be worried about leaving a part of your family behind. Don’t worry; they will make sure that you are free of doubts about the dog boarding facility.

Here are a few things you should know about the dog boarding facility and how your dog will feel here.

1. Settling In

A lot of dog parents are worried about their pets suffering from separation anxiety. It is not uncommon for dogs to feel anxious when they are away from home, but they also adjust to their new surroundings pretty quickly.

If your dog is not used to being away from home long periods of time and/or staying with people he does not know, he could exhibit uneasy feelings in the beginning.

But don’t worry; professional pet boarding facilities have a way to make sure that your dog does not remain anxious for the rest of his stay.

You can ease your dog’s anxiety by leaving a piece of home behind with him. It could be anything from his favorite teddy bear toy to his blanket. Your dog will have something familiar to have if he is feeling uneasy.

And after a few hours, he will adjust to the atmosphere around him and see that he is well loved, safe and cared for. His anxiety will go away, and will be replaced with a happy smile.


2. Luxurious Environment

Boarding facilities are like 5-star hotels, exclusively for dogs. They have big and spacious kennels with soft bedding, undivided attention from the staff, playing areas filled with toys and plenty of other dogs to play around with.

Your dog will not have a dull minute during the day. Your dog can enjoy long walks and exercise time in the yard and play fun games like fetch or hide and seek. He can even get regular treats.

Some pet boarding facilities even make a scavenger hunt for pets – with a treat. They hide the treats and your pet has to look for them. Dogs have fun playing such interactive games.

With these accommodations and benefits, you will not be the only one on vacation.


3.  No Need to Worry About Emergencies

If you leave your dog with a pet sitter or at home, you will always be worried about him.  What if someone left the door open and he went out? What if the sitter forgot to give him his medicine? What if the sitter totally forgot to make a visit?

That will result in you calling your sitter again and again or constantly texting them during your vacation.

And if there is an emergency, your pet sitter may not be around to reach the vet – because in many cases, pet sitting your dog is not their number one job or priority.  They are doing this on the side as a favor or to make a little extra money.

You will not have to worry about any of these things when you leave your dog at a pet boarding facility. The staff will keep an eye on him and make sure that no harm comes his way. They also know how to deal with emergencies, if any, and usually have relationships with veterinarians in the area.


4. Friendly Environment

It is not just the staff that will be friendly at the dog boarding facility, but the other dogs there will also be very friendly. Yes, your dog can make so many new furry friends when he is there.

Your dog can have one-on-one time with lots of furry and adorable dogs and may be permitted to play with them. They can run around the park and have fun in the sun!

Your dog will be grinning ear to ear after his doggy play time.


Now that you know how much fun your dog will have, you must be looking for a safe and reliable pet boarding facility. Well, your search is over because we can find the perfect place for you. PetBookings Inc. will help you find a place that your dog remains safe, happy, and active during his stay.

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