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The Importance of Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog is more than just making your furry friend look pretty. Sure, your dog will be the best-dressed dog in the park or a pet boarding facility, but there are several other advantages as well when it comes to dog grooming. One of the top advantages of dog grooming is hygiene.

Some people don’t realize the responsibility that comes with owning a dog. It is not just about taking walks in the park and cuddling on your couch but taking care of its grooming as well.

No matter how young or old your dog might be, it needs to be properly groomed.

Following are a few reasons why you should get your pet groomed regularly:


1.  Clean Appearance

This is the obvious one. Your dog will look adorable after being all groomed and cleaned. It is not superficial of you to want your pet to be clean and in best appearance. When your dog is sparkling clean, it will have more time to socialize with other dogs, because people are usually attracted to clean dogs.

Not to mention a clean dog is a healthy dog.


2.  Good Hygiene

Just like your hygiene, your dog’s hygiene is equally important.

It is no secret that dogs like to roll around in the mud and dirt; it is how they play. And being a pet parent, you know how hard it is for your dog to remain still, let alone take a bath.

If they like to spend time outdoors, you will need to get the, groomed more often as their fur will attract more dirt.  Not grooming your dog can lead him to have pet odors, and we are sure you don’t want that. Rolling around in the mud can also increase your dog’s chances of getting infected by parasites like ticks or fleas. Regular grooming will decrease these chances.

A pet groomer will make sure that your dog’s nails are trimmed. Dogs seem to have really sharp nails, which can cause injury to them and other dogs around him.

Your dog also needs his teeth brushed regularly. That will make sure that your dog is safe from periodontal diseases. And bonus – he will have a breezy and pleasant breath.


3.  Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

Dog groomers make sure that your dog is healthy. Since they do a comprehensive checkup of your dog while grooming, any hidden wounds, lumps, or infections your dog might have will be revealed. That way, you can seek treatment right away.

Brushing your dog will reveal if his fur is infested with parasites. Parasites, like fleas, cause your dog pain as well as discomfort. Brushing will also get rid of any and all knots and mats your dog might have. Mats are very painful for dogs as they cause your four-legged friend to have skin irritations, restrict their movement, cut off the blood circulation, and can tear their skin.

The hair around your dog’s eyes needs to be trimmed regularly as well as it can cause infection.

The sooner you know about these problems, the sooner you can take your dog up to the vet and have him treated.


4.  Clean House

Keeping your dog groomed also helps to keep your house clean. If you have a rug or a carpet in your house, you must know how hard it is to get dog hair out of it. And don’t even get us started on couches and curtains. It can take you hours of extra vacuuming to get rid of all the hair.

But you will not have to worry about that problem when you have a groomed dog.


5.  Helps Relax Pets That get Nervous Easily

Do you have to run around the house to capture your dog so that you can trim his nails? Does your dog cause a flood in your bathroom because of the havoc he creates while taking a bath?

It can be quite a challenge to take care of pets that get anxious. And if you try to cut their nails quickly before they can escape, it can cause bleeding, which will be extremely painful for your dog.

A pet groomer is experienced in handling nervous pets and will help your dog relax.


6.  Trimming Fur

Do you remember the disastrous haircut your mom gave you when you were young? Yeah, think about that the next time you get the urge to trim your dog’s hair.

If you are not trained, you may end up over trimming your dog’s fur. After that, not only will your dog look like a featherless chicken but it can also expose your dog’s skin to the sun. That can cause him to get sunburns, and we don’t have to tell you how painful they are.

Pet grooming facility can make sure that your dog looks smart and is protected from sunburns as well.


How Often Should You Groom Your Dog?

Pet owners often ask these questions – how often should I get my dog groomed? Do I have to give regular baths to my dog?

Well, there is no one answer to that question. This depends on the breed of dog you have. Some dogs need to be groomed and bathed after every few weeks, while others can go without grooming for months.

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