Why Professional Pet Boarding Might Be a Better Alternative to a Pet Sitter

Do pet sitters really offer 1-on-1 attention you think your pet is getting? Professional pet boarding might actually be the peace of mind you are looking for.



When leaving for a trip, you must be worried about your pet. You may ask your friends or family to take care of your dog while you’re away. But it’s not always a good option. They may not be fully aware of how to take care of your pet’s needs in your absence.

Rather, you should contact a professional pet boarding company for this purpose. They are professionally trained, so you won’t need to worry about your pet’s health and well-being during your time away.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it’s a good option to go for professional pet boarding rather than acquiring the services of a pet sitter:


· Enhanced Safety

When your pet isn’t with you, you must get worried about their safety. It’s natural. But if you use the services of a professional pet boarding company, you need not worry about their safety. It gives you peace of mind that they are safe and secure.

The professional team is there to keep an eye on them. They will keep your dog away from dangers that they could likely encounter in a pet sitting situation. They will ensure your pet doesn’t escape into the street and get into an accident because they have facilities specifically designed to safeguard against situations like that.


· Professional Care

Some people prefer inviting a pet sitter to take care of their pets at home, but it can be a better option for you to hire a professional pet boarding company.  Namely, because it is the professionals sole job to ensure your pet’s health and happiness. Unlike many pet sitters, it is not a side gig just to earn a few extra bucks.

Professional pet care specialists are trained to perform their duties. They are aware of how to monitor your pet and keep them safe and happy.


· Medical Assistance

Your pet’s health must be your top priority. But when you hire pet sitters to take care of your dog, they may not know how to administer necessary medications.

However, at a pet boarding company, you need not worry about your pet’s health. If your dog regularly takes medicines, they will administer it regularly on time.  They have systems in place that track administration of medication.  Also, if any medical emergency arises, the professional team will be there to provide immediate medical assistance.  They either have veterinary staff on site or have good relationships with many vets in the area.


· Proper Exercise

Your dog needs regular exercise. Many  love to play outdoors. It keeps them fit and healthy. If you’ve hired a pet sitter for taking care of your dog, it’s likely they may only provide limited potty breaks with no extra attention.

However, if you choose a reputable pet boarding company, you can be at peace knowing that the professionals will keep your pet physically active. Most offer many options for additional exercise and activities.  Many take pets for regular walks, offer play groups and many other options to choose from.  All dogs are different, so you can tailor their stay to whatever options best fit your needs.


· Reduced Stress

A pet boarding service offers peace of mind for pets as well as their owners. You won’t get worried about their health or safety, knowing that they are being taken care of by professionals.

Your pet will also enjoy their stay at the boarding company. They may get to play with other pets, which is why they won’t feel lonely when you’re away from home. The caretakers will also provide regular attention and quality time.


· Clean Environment

It’s a prevalent myth that a pet is likely to fall ill at a pet boarding service due to the exposure to diseases. Professional boarding kennels maintain a safe and clean environment where your pet can stay safe from potential hazards.

They keep the premises clean at all times and clear any mess created by pets in a timely manner.  The environment is clean, controlled and professional at all times.

When a pet sitter takes care of your pet at your own home, you may return to an undesirable situation.  Your dog might have been sneaking to a back room and pottying.  Or, they may grow bored and chew furniture or other belongings.  At a professional pet care facility, you do not have to worry about any of that.


· Healthy Diet

Your pet needs a nutritious diet to stay healthy. A pet sitter may not be familiar with their dietary requirements, but professionals at pet boarding facilities are experts at what they do.  They have seen it all and can accommodate just about any dietary requirements your pet may have.

If your dog has particular dietary needs, you can discuss it with the boarding company and they will feed yourpet accordingly. So, you will find your pet in good health when you return from your trip.


Now that you know why you should opt for pet boarding service instead of hiring a pet sitter, here are a few quick tips to help you find the right boarding service:

  • Read the rules and policies of the boarding service
  • Look for customer reviews
  • Visit the place to analyze safety and quality of care at the facility
  • Discuss your pet’s individual needs
  • Know about the working hours so you can pick up your friend when you return home
  • Ask if there’s a vet on-site
  • Make sure the staff is friendly

When you go away from home for a few days, you obviously can’t leave your dog unsupervised. Instead of hiring a pet sitter for this purpose, it’s best to drop them at a pet boarding business. There is likely one in your area and PetBookings can help you find pet boarding services nearby.

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