Ernie Boudreaux's Doggie Dude Ranch

  290 Oneal Lane, Elkins, AR 72727
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Ernie Boudreaux's Doggie Dude Ranch is a freeplay dog day care and boarding facility for LONG or SHORT term dog vacations and DAY CARE. Dogs that have a chance to socialize in a casual environment without owners almost always will get along with other dogs. We facilitate this process. We are very experienced with dogs in a free play setting that encourages positive social interactions. Our staff are the "alphas" and no aggressive behavior is tolerated. We can firmly show most dogs what behaviors are not ok. Dogs have so much FUN WITH OUR ROUTINE! WE LOVE YOUR DOG. Our goal is to provide them a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while you are away. Included in our rates are all the healthy food and extras your dog will need.



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